Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rocky Mountains Roadtrip

We just returned from a pretty epic road trip! Rocky Mountains to finish off 2013! What an amazing trip. We left Vancouver on the 25th headed for Revelstoke, staying at Sutton Place. Wow, was Sutton Place amazing. Views of the ski resort from our hotel room (which was bigger than our apartment), and the apartment was so new and well equipped. Full kitchen for cooking, huge bathroom, epic bed! We were well and truly spoiled. We got some good snow in Revelstoke and cooked up a pretty good Christmas dinner!

After two nights in Revelstoke we made tracks towards Alberta and Lake Louise! Thankfully the drive wasn't as sketchy as we had thought, and Nick got us to Lake Louise unscathed! The main reason for heading to Lake Louise was for Heather and Jacobs wedding. We had an amazing 4 nights. Our great friends Ty and V were over for the wedding, and it was awesome to catch up with both of them. The wedding was amazing with lots of cool people. On top of this we rode at Lake Louise one day, the resort was amazing and the views were epic. The crew we rode with was so much fun! I also got out for two runs. One around Lake Louise itself, about 10km, and the other run along a snow shoe trail. Both runs were on soft snow, and at an elevation of maybe 5000ft. This made life hard, but I got to see some amazing scenery. Kate and I also did an epic hike through the forest and saw some of the most amazing snow covered scenery I have ever been in.

After 4 nights in Lake Louise, it was time to head back West to Sun Peaks for New Years. Once again we had to deal with the sketchy roads around Revelstoke, with a much needed stop at the town itself for a bad ass coffee and some baked goods! After refueling we headed for Kamloops then Sun Peaks. The drive was pretty good and we made good time. Sun Peaks made a great first impression. The resort looks amazing, and the village has a really good vibe. Our accommodation was outstanding. Afternoon tea and breakfast included! The scones and chocolate slice for afternoon tea was amazing!
That night for New Years celebrations we caught some of the big air competition, and then headed out on na snowshoe tour, which included sitting around bonfires in the snow making smores...yum! We then headed to a ridge to watch the New Years fireworks from up on the ski hill. It was a pretty memorable way to spend New Years.

New Years day came around. No hangover and I was itching for some running, so I was up at six, and out running by six thirty. A nice little 11km run all around the village of Sun Peaks was an amazing way to start the year. The sun burnt the sky a deep red for the whole run. The network of trails and steep roads kept the run really entertaining, while listening to Mat Zo's TATW 450 mix. I returned from the run just as Kate was rising, freshly made coffee and then a great brekky followed.
We spent the day in the sun chilling around the village, and then headed out for Vancouver later in the afternoon. Once again a solid drive back to Van City got us in early evening on the 1st! Pretty stoked to be back in Van. It was a long trip, but so much fun. It will be one to remember for some time!

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