Friday, January 10, 2014


I woke up to 5 inches of fresh snow. We fell asleep early the night before and I was therefore wide awake at about 5:30. I git up early to make a coffee and read my book, the whole time I was able to hear snow clearing machinery outside working away.
I finally decided to check out the window and saw this military style operation going on. The three vehicles had the technique to clear a road very quickly down.
I decided it would make a unique photo so I headed downstairs to capture the scene. The white blur you can see in the photo is the snow being projected from a funnel into a large bin that moves along with it. I thought this photo captured the motion of the whole scenario quite well.
The rest of the day was amazing to say the least. Deep dry pow, shredding with Kate and lots of face shots. Loving Hellroaring Basin steeps. A great way to finish out Montana Ski Trip.

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