Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today was a beautiful day in the town of Whitefish. It was snowing all morning, and about 2 inches of fresh snow had blanketed the town. We started the day with a well needed sleep in and amazing breakfast.
It made for a very monochrome environment, and made it hard to find a good photograph to represent colour. The town had a really nice trail system that ran along the main river through town, it was ploughed all winter and made for a great way to see the city. Kate and I walked most of this trail, and it gave us a really nice view of the suburbs, lake and river. Along the river the yellow tips of the willow trees really stood out against the black and white background of the conifers in the snow. This was the one main splash of colour that caught my eye all walk.
The walk took a good three hours and led us to a cool little bike shop that sold great lattes, and then to the local brew pub, that was amazing, and unlike a lot of other North American brew pubs, did great lagers and a few non hoppy beers!
Finally we made it back to the lodge where we cooked our rolls royce of steaks that we purchased at Pike Place Market!

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