Thursday, January 9, 2014


Today was an amazing day at Whitefish skiing with Kate. There had been a decent amount of snow overnight, and with the help of the wind, some aspects had become quite snow loaded.
The day started with an early morning visit to the fitness room for core, legs and a 30 min treadmill session. An amazing breakfast followed and then hit the slopes for almost first chair (we were about 10 chairs back).
The day started with amazing groomers with a few inches of fresh, followed with some of my best steep open tree runs. Face shots every turn!
At the top of the mountain the fog had set in well and truly. Kate noticed that this unused chairlift looked eerie in the fog - immediately I thought it would make a great still life image. The lifeless lift encrusted in ice had a solemn creepy feel about it, almost like a deserted ski resort. The real story is this chair only works when the resort is busy enough to require it - all the terrain is still accessible without it.
Another amazing day riding fresh Montana pow with Kate.

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