Sunday, January 12, 2014


Today was an interesting day - our return voyage from Montana. We ended changing our Amtrack reservation to jump on the earlier train (Friday the 10th instead of Sat the 11th), that was actually running 12hrs late (so it was due to leave 9am Sat 11th), but we worked out that this would work best for us, as the train we were meant to be on would also be 12 hours late, thus meaning we would arrive in Vancouver super late on Sunday, and possibly have to stay in Seattle overnight, therefore missing Monday in Vancouver too.
Anyways, the best part about all these changes is that we would now get to do the return trip during daylight hours and get to see the amazing scenery - and it was. So varying. The most vibrant landscape for me was this rural area in the rain shadow of the Cascade mountains, Washington. It reminded me so much of Australia. The US is really so large and varying - such an amazing country, and what a way to wrap up our epic Montana trip.

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