Thursday, January 23, 2014


Sadly I think that today may be the last time I visit my favourite produce market, Aria. Aria Market is at Bidwell and Robson St, and without a doubt has the cheapest produce in the area. We have been shopping here for a good year or so, since we discovered it. I have no doubt that it has saved us hundreds of dollars on our weekly shopping bills. I love the way they lay out all the produce in front of the store as is shown in the photo. It looks like a proper market stall, and is super cramped, rickety and cluttered; just as you'd expect a market stall to be.
Today I made the trip to Aria even though I didn't really need anything, but I took the opportunity to grab some produce for lunch, then head to Coal Harbour and eat lunch overlooking the moored yachts, basking up the glorious sun.
Fir $2.08 I got 4 Californian Navel Oranges, 1 Fuji Apple and 1 Orange Capsicum. Not bad I thought!
After lunch I strolled back through Stanley Park and the West End. What a beautiful day!

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