Monday, January 20, 2014


After getting off to an amazing start to 2014 for my running, I pushed it a little hard last week and ended up with a slightly aggravated quadriceps tendon. This put a halt to all running until it settled down, and thus I thought I'd miss all of my week 2 Jantastic runs. Thankfully I caught this injury early on and listened to my body straight away. I rested from Monday to Thursday and by Saturday was able to attempt a small 30 min run/walk session with no pain.
The tendon pulled up fine after this so I did another 30 min run/walk session on Sunday, and then followed with another one on Monday morning. I was pretty excited to get my three runs for the Jantastic week in eventually, and it really showed the importance of resting an overuse injury immediately.
So as to not overdo it again, the first few days of this week will be run free, just swimming and yoga, and I will hit up another run by Wednesday or Thursday I think.
Kate has been banging out some great runs this year regardless of some niggling knee issues, and is still holding an amazing pace! All in all we're off to a good year of running, fingers crossed, touch wood etc.

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