Monday, January 13, 2014


Well, we are at the end of Jantastic week 1. So far Kate and I are on track with our goal of 3 runs each per week. As a result of being in Whitefish for most of week 1, I went for an early morning run up at the ski resort. I really enjoy running at new places, and based on my New Years day run at Sun Peaks I had high hopes for Whitefish.
Well I was relatively disappointed. The run itself was beautiful, but there is a major lack of sidewalks at Whitefish Mountain Resort, and as a result I didn't get to run everywhere I hoped. Oh well, I still managed a good 1hr run around the resort. I also hit up a second run at Whitefish, which was believe it or not, my first ever treadmill run. I obviously like running outdoors a lot more, but it wasn't all bad. I just zoned to some tunes and ran. I found it great for focusing on form and the mirrors in the fitness center really helped with that too.
The best run of the week however was on Sunday morning. Kate and I had stopped over in Seattle en route to Whitefish. We decided to go for a run along the foreshore trail at downtown Seattle. It was super cold with a lot of frost and ice, but was a beautiful run none-the-less. We ran a good 11km, the sun was rising, clear skies and just good fun running with Kate and chatting the whole way. It makes the run go by quickly when running with good company. As this was our last time in Seattle, it was a really nice way to see the city one last time, and there is nothing like running through a big downtown early in the morning. It feels cool being immersed within a large downtown core while the city is still sleeping.
After returning from Whitefish I decided to sneak in a 4th run. I felt like I needed to stretch the legs after a day of traveling. Unfortunately I flared up something I have never felt before in the top of my right knee. Hoping a few days rest will fix this so I can get back onto meeting this weeks Jantastic quota.

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