Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Eve Emergency Room

In a funny twist of events Christmas Eve went from packing and getting ready for our roadtrip, to heading up to the Vancouver Hospital Emergency Room. For some reason I thought it would be a rad idea to service my bike at about 6pm on Christmas Eve. As I was taking my pedals off I slipped and stabbed my hand on my cogs, the wound was relatively a deep puncture wound, not deep enough for stitches, but definately requiting a tetanus shot. At this point I realise that there are no walk in clinics left open, so the only option is to head to the ER.
I walk into ER to check in, stating that I felt like a bot of an idiot coming to ER for such a minor issue, but that I needed a tetanus shot and no where else was open. To my luck, the ER was empty, the staff were rad and they got me in and out in about 20 mins. They knew I was a total wuss with needles so they took great care, until the doc got the nurse to scrub the wound...ouch!
After all that I walk back home much to the amazement of Kate who could not believe that I had got in and out so quick, leaving plenty of time for packing :-)

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