Friday, January 3, 2014


This morning started with a light jog to the Vancouver Aquatic Center for a good swim with a solid pyramid session mixed into the 3kms. When I run to the pool, I don't bother with a towel, and just throw my running gear back on, while still wet and then just jog home.
My swim lasted a hour, and by the time I left, outdoors had switched from night to day! A solid wind storm overnight had kicked up some swell, and there was fog rolling in over False Creek. While running home along the seawall I saw some swell hitting the barrier and splashing into the air, this gave me an idea for todays topic of motion, so as soon as I got home I grabbed my camera and headed back to the seawall to try and capture what I saw in my minds eye.
I'm pretty happy with the result. Looking East towards Burrard Bridge, and about Pacific and Cardero St.

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