Thursday, January 30, 2014


Today we did an epic walking tour of Kowloon. Starting in Mong Kok, we wandered the many markets the whole way back down to Tsim Tsa Shui. There were bird markets, goldfish markets, flower markets, clothing markets and the Temple Street Markets. It was such a vibrant and bustling day.
While out at the flower markets we headed to a Dim Sum restaurant that we found inadvertently because the actual restaurant we wanted to go to was closed.
Anyways this place did outstanding dim sum. The highlights were a mango jelly roll and a pork bun called a snow bun or something like that. It was amazing. A mix of sweet and savoury like I have never had before. The bun was almost like a sweet coconut egg pastry, with a bbq pork bun style filling. Amazing!
That aside, on the huge walk we passed Tin Hau Temple. Inside there were these amazing spiral insence sticks that were burning away, filling the air with the most calming incense aroma. They made for an amazing pattern especially with the sun shining brightly through the spirals. I felt this summed up one of the most beautiful things we saw today, and makes for a rather interesting still life photograph.

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