Thursday, January 30, 2014


Wan Chai Markets. What an amazing vibrant space. I loved walking around these markets. The streets were teeming with people madly rushing around seeking bargains or purchasing fresh produce.
The wet markets were unreal, I haven't seen anything like it since the Tokyo Fish Markets almost 10 years ago. So much fresh seafood, and such inhumanely treated fish. An eye opener to see, but I was glad to be spectating and not consuming. Kate saw an eel escape from a bucket, slide across a ridiculously busy side walk and try to bite someone before being scooped back into the bucket.
The meat stands had large portions of meat being butchered right there for you, thankfully those animals didn't start alive.
Coming up to the Chinese New Year there is loads of citrus available - not sure if this is all the time, or just at this time of year, but anyways, there is a lot of it available. Cumquats, mandarin, orange and these huge mandarin looking citrus that I just had to try. Way bigger than a soft ball! Anyways, it was delicious, just like someone crossed cumquat, grape fruit and mandarin.
The stall pictured here is one of the many roasted meat stalls. Vibrant, colourful and smelling amazing.

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