Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Yale Town aka Hongcouver. The glass facades look amazing when viewing the city from the South Bank of False Creek. I especially love this view because of the one building that breaks the standard pattern. The curves in the right most building just add a huge amount of interest to what would have otherwise looked like any other downtown district.
Today I went for a big adventure, starting with a swim and run to and from the Vancouver Aquatic centre. Following this I wandered to False Creek to get a ferry to Granville Island Market. Coffees and fresh produce were consumed at the market, along with checking out some local art studios. Following this I wandered to Kates work at the Vancouver General Hospital to meet Kate and Becky for lunch. This stroll took me up the seawall on the southern side of False Creek, giving me many amazing views of downtown Vancouver, including this image of the facades of Yale Town.
Another jam packed day of unemployment and lapping it up in Vancouver.

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