Friday, January 3, 2014

Homeless Guy and a Sleeping Bag!

I had an old sleeping bag that I never used, but was in great condition. On Christmas Eve I was walking back from the shops and saw this homeless guy that frequents the Safeway car park. I decided I'd duck upstairs, grab the sleeping bag and give it to him.
As I walked back to the car park towards him, sleeping bag in hand, it was pretty obvious from about 10 meters away that I was walking towards him, and at about 5 meters his eyes lit up.
"Hey man, how's it going?" I said."I was just gonna give you this sleeping bag if you'd be interested."
He was stoked!
"I really need a new sleeping bag" he commented with an appreciative look on his face.
I hung out there for another 5 minutes or so, chatting about Australia and Canada. He had a crazy bearded friend who had turned up halfway through our conversation. He insistently commented on how alike Australians and Canadians are, although I feel he had never actually been to Australia. At this point I drew the conversation to an end, wished the two a Happy Christmas and safe New Year.
I hope I helped make his Christmas a bit better!

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