Friday, January 17, 2014

Heather and Jacobs Wedding

I have wanted to post about this for some time now, but have been so busy that I haven't been able to find the time to write a post that will do the beautiful wedding justice.
I now find myself sitting in Delaney's Coffee House at Denman and Pendrell St with some spare time to chill, drink coffee and write.
Our very close friends, Heather and Jacob, got married on the 29th of December 2013 in Lake Louise. Kate and I made a week long road trip of the event, and it was beautiful to see the Canadian Rockies in Winter. If you haven't already see my blog post on that roadtrip.
The wedding was an amazing day. Perfect "mild" weather, maybe -5, with a bit of blue sky mixed with cloud and some light snow flurries. It was especially beautiful when it started snowing lightly for the ceremony. The day started with hanging out and getting ready at Deer Lodge. Kate, V, Ty and myself went for a walk along Lake Louise to pass the morning. This was then followed by the ceremony just after lunch, then hot chocolate and amazing cookins, ice skating on Lake Louise, and then the reception which was amazing and so much fun. The bride and groom looked sharp!
The main point of this post though is that it was my first attempt at wedding photography, and my first use of my new flash in dark interior conditions. It was an amazing learning experience and I had an great time. The camera gives you a great ice breaker to meet people. Walk up to them, introduce yourself, have a good chat and then get some great photos. I had so much fun meeting and talking to everyone. Heather and Jacob also tasked me with taking polaroid photos to fill their guest book. This was awesome, and Kate and I teamed up and filled that guest book to the brink. This experience inspired me to possible give wedding photography a go as a side job. I have a few weddings coming up so may try to refine my style there and do a bit more testing with my flash to see how I can shape and control my photos a bit better.
Being my first time taking photos at a wedding, and my first flash photography experience, I was really happy with the results. Can't wait for the next opportunity.

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