Monday, January 20, 2014


I was standing on Burrard Bridge looking down at False Creek and I noticed that the height of the bridge gives you a very different perspective of the city.
It is always nice to see something differently, and after having lived somewhere for years, it doesn't happen as often as you may like. I had originally walked out to Burrard Bridge to take a photo of the fog that was settling over the Harbour, but once getting up there I saw this cool perspective of the Granville Island ferry, and the crystal clear waters of False Creek.
This image somewhat symbolises the coming week. I hope to spend my last week in Vancouver ecperiencing Vancouver from as many perspetives as possible. It is a beautiful city and I want to make the most of this last week. Secondly the week will be spent preparing to "set sail" on our voyage back to Austraila. It is going to be an exciting and sad week, full of a lot of experiences that have become part of our daily routine, that we will be saying goodbye too. Probably to never experience again, but with those experiences we are saying good bye too, we will welcome new routines to our life back in Australia.

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