Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Having some time off at the moment is really nice. It is letting me get out and about in Vancouver to just enjoy the city. I love Stanley Park, there is always something to see that makes you amazed that you are so close to a big city.
While wandering around this afternoon I came across these trees that were full of berries, one of the most colourful trees at the moment as all the deciduous trees have lost their leaves and nothing is flowering. In these trees were lots of small birds eating the berries. I stood watching the birds for a long time. It's quite peaceful just watching them go about their thing, all they care about is eating and living, free of all the material pressures of human life.
The lighting was beautiful for photography and really helped bring out the vibrant colour of the berries.
This was just off The seawall near the English Bay Bowling Greens.

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