Saturday, November 30, 2013

Modern Day Customer Service

So I go to London Drugs, Olympic Village Store at lunch to get this smoothie maker, it's like a drink bottle, but there are blades in it so you just shake and can make a smoothie where ever you are. Great for healthy snacks when traveling. Anyways, I can't find it with the other shakes and drink bottles, but that store is a freaking maze so I seek help.
I finally pull a guy aside and ask him if they have it in stock - he's nice and polite, although was definitely not going to go out of his way to offer help until I interrupted him to ask for it. He doesn't know about this shake, so he goes to find someone to help. That's cool with me. THANKYOU.
Right then a chick that works there walks past and he asks her if she knew about this fabled item and if she could help out. She immediately gives so much attitude asking "IS IT ELECTRONIC OR NOT" and looking at me and him like we are retarded for asking such a question.
So I respond, no, like he said you just shake it and the blade is inside it and that does the chopping for you. I should have then gone to say "sorry for asking and wanting to buy something from a store that you work in in which it is your job to help customers". But I didn't.
I don't get it, you ask for help and get attitude. That's why they work and are paid in CUSTOMER SERVICE. To serve customers - what a novel freaking idea.
Anyways, she abruptly tells me that all the other london drugs have them, except for the particular one I'm in. Oh, gee thanks, plus she gave the response in such a way I'm sure she knew what I was asking for all along, but just wanted to give some attitude.
Anyways, rant over. It just boggles my mind how often you get service like this. What is the world coming to?

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