Friday, November 29, 2013

Countdown Stop # 7 - Forage

Today is another day for a conut down stop. We have wanted to check out Forage for some time now and decided that it would be a great breakfast stop. Forage is a really nice looking restaurant, albeit a little cliched in terms of it's decor choices. First up we got some coffee, Kate got filter and I got an espresso. The espresso sucked. The guy couldn't make a good coffee to save himself. Seriosly why offer to do espresso if you cant make a good one. So immediately this got me off to a bad start as for me, when I'm going out for breakfast, the coffee is as important as the food. The espresso shot was watery and astringent. Not the thick sweet espresso shot with rich crema that you should get. Anyways, I got over this and moved onto the food.
The food was great, and fairly generous. Everything appeared to have been made / baked fresh right then and there which was nice. I got hot steel cut oat porridge with foamed milk and cinnamon, blueberries and apples. Kate got eggs benedict and a honey butter scone, which was nice and fresh. The steel cut oats was a very generous serve, the fruit was nice and over all it was exactly what I was after. Kates benny looked amazing and was cooked perfectly, from the reports the hollandaise sauce was bang on, and the scone was amazing and fresh.
It's amazing that this is the only place that we could find to go out for a breakfast other than a shitty diner. I wish more cafes would open early for those of us that like to get the day underway nice and early. This was a thoroughly enjoyable morning watching the city awake and the traffic on Robson St. We had to take a nice stroll through the West End to get to and from Forage, which made for such a enjoyable start to the day with Kate.
Forage Breakfast
Steel cut oats
Eggs Benadict
Forage Breakfast

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