Monday, November 25, 2013

Asset Management Tool

I have been starting to prepare for some downtime once I wrap up at Image Engine and return to Australia. I am really hoping that I can sort out a new position, but in the case that I don't I want to be ready for some freelance work. SO I have started developing my own asset management software. I have got some cool ideas about what I want to do, and have been recently cleaning up my pose manages tool, and realised that it wouldn't take "too much" work to convert it to the basis of an asset management tool.
The code is coming along pretty quick, and currently I am at the point of developing my default folders and shot structure, methods to add new shots, add new assets and tie all this into the pose manager too.
Versioning will be the next pass which should be pretty easy. It's been cool as I have had to learn some new python which is always interesting, and I am getting to develop on my rigging pipeline too so that I can develop how my assets tie into this tool correctly.
It's going to be a great tool to have as it should make my asset tracking at home so much cleaner and more manageable, but also it's going to be a great tool to demonstrate my pipeline ideas to potential employers. Screen shots and working videos to come.

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