Monday, November 25, 2013

Countdown Stop # 6 - Vij's Rangoli

We have wanted to Vij's Rangoli this place for a while, and were craving Indian as we haven't had it for a long time. We headed here with our friend Fred, who has spent some time living inn India so is a good critique.
So the menu wasn't traditional by any means. I had been craving Palak Paneer, which they had, but called slightly differently, and tandoori chicken, which they didn't have, which I was a bit bummed out about. You also couldn't order sides of rice or Naam bread which was a bit strange, and I would have really appreciated this to just pad the meal out a bit. The staff were also useless, and it was obvious that they had some feud going on cos the tension between some staff was totally noticeable.
This aside, the food was really great, a nice modern interpretation of Indian food. A classic situation of the wait staff totally letting the kitchen down. The chai tea was also delicious.
Overall, I wouldn't go back. I am a sucker for the traditional dishes, and the large servings that come with the traditional dishes. THis experience was tasty, but small and expensive, and just not quite Indian enough for me.

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