Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Run Coaching

On the weekend Kate and I got some professional run coaching, just to do a check over to see if our gait was looking ok. Seeming we have never had any professional run coaching before, this could have been interesting.
So generally both of us looked good. Kate killed it. Her form is very balanced and looks like she is at easy. Myself on the other hand, I have some work to do, and from what he noticed I think this gait problem could be what caused my last injury. Something is causing me to twist more from right to left each time my right foot strikes, causing a large amount of twisting on my planted left leg but also causing my right foot to land in front of (ish) my left foot. I can't believe I never noticed it before, but it must have been going on for a while as trying to alter it feels super weird. So for me it's back to the drawing board, but it's a perfect time for this as I slowly build up from injury so I should hopefully be able to make some adjustments during this time.
My goal is to get this sorted and on the road so I can enjoy some pain and injury free running for Adelaide Marathon next year. It gives me a good goal to work towards at least. Along with this analysis we got some good pointers for form coaching and refining, including the running ABC's warmup drill, some of which I already did, some which I didn't.

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