Tuesday, November 26, 2013

0 mm Heel To Toe Running Shoes

I have been using the same running shoes now for a few years, and just recently Asics changed something with them and they went from being my favourite shoes, to sucking miserably. I blame my injuries partly on this change mid marathon training. This shoe was the Asics Gel DS Trainer. They are so uncomfortable. I have also in recent reading realised the detriment of having a large heel to toe drop, but this is obviously not something that I wanted to mess with in Marathon training, however now that I am slowly getting back into runing after injury, now is the best time to make this adjustment.
After reading a few reviews I settled on a pair of shoes that I ws keen to try. The thing that attracted me the most was that this shoe was super light like a minimalist show, but provided a bit more padding under foot than a minimalist shoe, and had the 0mm drop. This sounded perfect as I don't want to go down the whole barefoot runing route. I still want to be comfortable, and p[referably wanted a marathon racing shoe. So the Saucony Verrata sounded perfect.
Immediately when I tried them on my foot felt really balanced under the ball, and it felt like this was where the shoe was allowing my to naturally strike. The shoe was feather light and looked nice too.
After the my first run I love them. They feel so natural on; to be fair I am only running short distances, but I don't want to go out in new running shoes and run long distances straight up anyways. I think this will be a great move to developing a more efficient running stride, lets hope anyways.

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