Monday, November 25, 2013

Suit Shopping

I have a wedding to attend in a few months, and given that I have two suits in Australia that I never wear, and that I very rarely wear neat clothes I decided I didn't want a new suit, or expensive neat clothes. Also with moving back to Australia on the horizon, I didn't want anything bulky, or worst case, I didn't want aything so expensive that i wouldn't want to part ways with it if we couldn't fit it in for the move home.
The brief: Spend less than $200 on some clothes neat enough to pass at a wedding, but that I could also wear in a semi casual situation so that i will actually get use of them again, and maybe add to my wardrobe so that I can start building some nicer clothes than just t shirts and hoodies. It also has to work with my light violet shirt so I don't need to buy another shirt.
First stop, Top Shop. Yes these guys had some really nice looking clothes, but nothing that came all together just right, and it was too expensive. Left feeling bummed out as I had just wasted a hour trying clothes on and got nowhere.
Weekend two and shopping day two. Inquired about suit hire - too expensive. Pretty much blew my budget. Second stop I begrudgingly tried H & M. I always diss this place about being cheap and shitty. Funnily enough this day, there was so much stuff that worked for me. Yess cheap, but shitty; it probably wont last for ages, but I found some clothes that fit me really well and the price was right. $150 for a pair of pants, vest, and blazer / jacket. Super stoked and it looks pretty good, totally wedding worthy, but I can also dress it down to work with jeans. The best bit is that the whole outfit works with my Adidas kicks so no need to buy new shoes :-)

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