Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shot Management Tool Development

I have got around to continuing some work on my asset management tool. I am breaking it down into modular pieces of code so that I can work on one part at a time. It makes the task a lot easier to manage and makes it seem like a smaller task than it really is. Also it makes it very easy to adapt, as in adding in new functions, removing old functions or really altering the way the code works.
For the moment I am still nailing down the project and folder structure that I want to have for me project scenes. I have something that I like for now that is building nicely. This morning I tightened up this code, reducing my line count by probably a hundred lines, and then implemented custom scene saving with versioning. The next step is to save out an image on scene save so the the management tool will display an image of the scene, and then following that I will enable the UI to read all the versions and display them so you can choose to open which ever version you require.
Slowly but surely this is coming along. I hope it will only be a week or so until I can start using the first rudimentary release to manage my own personal and freelance shots.
Images/Video to come once it is all wrapped up a bit nicer.

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