Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 2013, bike riding and reminiscing

On average November is the wettest month in Vancouver. Not this year. We ahve been treated to the nicest autumn days, and only one or two days of rain. It's been amazing for bike riding. I think I have got more riding in the dry done this fall than I did all summer!!
The last week has been pretty chilly, with nights going below freezing, thus making the roads a bit sketchy, however I have still managed to get some nice rides in around Stanley Park and UBC, and haven't encountered any black ice yet. Fingers crossed, touch wood etc.
All of this beautiful weather has led to some amazing sunrises. I know this as I am up ridiculously early each day, but it is great as I have had the opportunity to be outside riding my bike and immersing myself within the beautiful scenery around Vancouver, or I ahve been out on our balcony taking photos. I hope you like. I can't believe we have been lucky enough to have a view like this for the last two and a half years. We'll look back on this apartment and time of our life with fond memories.
West End Sunrise
English Bay
English Bay

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