Monday, December 16, 2013

Walk and Reminiscing

I decided to go for a long wander around downtown Vancouver on Saturday. It's funny when you start walking aimlessly, taking in your surroundings and taking photos along the way, that you find that you don't get far that quickly. Or maybe time kinda disappears cos you become so absent minded that when you realise how long you have been wandering, and realise where you are, you are amazed that you didn't get farther. What I'm trying to say is that when I aimed to walk all of downtown, I quickly ran out of time without realising it, and only made it to Coal Harbour.
I love going on aimless walks, and especially right now as we are nearing our departure as I reminisce on the fun times that Kate and I have had in Vancouver. We have spent so much time in the city that most parts of downtown have some memory attached to them. Wandering around Coal Harbour, there is the restaurant that we went to with my mum and dad on their last night in Vancouver, Carderos. There are the Harbour Air Sea Planes which we flew back from Victoria in. Then there is the Pan Pacific that we stayed in on our first night in Vancouver over 3 years ago.
All these little things cross my mind when I am wandering. It is also a time to try and clear the mind, relax and not think about work, training or having to converse with anyone. It's like my zen time, just me and the camera to zone out and not care about anything else. It's free time to be creative and see what I can come up with; to see if something I have photographed many times before can be made more interesting from a different angle, or with a different light.
You really see a place when you go on aimless walks like this; maybe stop at a new corner cafe and find that the barrista there makes an awesome latte, then just chill and watch the world go by for a while. It was a great day, and with my time off coming up I'm sure there are going to be a lot more aimless walks and aimless blog posts.
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