Friday, December 20, 2013

Last Day At Image Engine

What a bitter sweet day. The prospects of moving home and continuing my life with my wife in Adelaide are so near; albeit I never saw myself leaving Image Engine. I have always felt so comfortable here; a very integral part of the team. I am going to miss IE a lot, it has been a fantastic place to work, full of amazing people and great ideas. The work that comes out of Image Engine is second to none. The opportunities here and the knowledge that I have picked up has been amazing.
Elysium was such an amazing experience, and to be offered an opportunity like that with only a year of film experience is absolutely amazing and very flattering. I have made such a good group of friends here, which is one thing that makes the place unique. Everyone here is so friendly and they have a great core team which ensure that the place keeps developing and evolving to produce amazing work more efficiently. Not only have I made great work friends here, but also great friends out of work. I find that most of the people that work here have such interesting lives outside of work, and there is always an excuse to catch up for sport, a nice meal, a film or coffee.
The knowledge that I have picked up here will serve me well for my career in the future. It has set me up with a profound knowledge of how a VFX pipeline works and a great thought process to deal with solving problems, not only in VFX, but in any industry. I know that IE will keep producing amazing work and I can't wait to see what looms on their horizon.
The photos below are from my last day lunch at Chutney Villa. Pretty much everyone in the photo is from IE :-)

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