Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Bread

Yesterday was a day of baking. Doing two different loaves in one day takes a bit of management with different rising, folding, shaping and baking times. The two different breads I made were a Pain au Levain, a classic French Levain white loaf, made using a stiff levain sourdough as the basis. The second loaf I baked was a Hazelnut, Fig and Fennel seed loaf, also baked using a stiff levain sourdough.
It was a bit of a nightmare as I ran out of white flour right at the crucial time of shaping, so the dough was fairly sticky and it became a nightmare to control so some of my loaves don't look as nice as I hoped, but I guess you can say I was going for the rough and rustic look. But all in all, I think they turned out pretty well, the scoring could have been better though.
As of now I haven't tasted them, but will post back once I have news to report on the crumb and flavour.
Fig and Hazlenut Levain
Fig and Hazlenut Levain and Pain au Levain

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