Friday, December 20, 2013

Early Morning Snow Run

I woke up this morning, looked out the window and saw shitloads of snow. My first thought was no way am I running this morning. Too slippery, back to bed you go, whilst I'm pulling on my running tights! I decide against it and jump back into warm bed. I lay in bed for a few minutes with that early morning want to keep sleeping battling my obsessive nature that wanted to go running. Finally I think, this is probably the last time you will get to run in the snow in Vancouver, don't be a wuss, get out there!
Back out of bed! Gear on! Out the door. Five mins of warm up on Pendrell St the off I go. I headed down Pendrell towards Stanley Park, left at the Sylvia, then right onto Beach along the Southern Sidewalk. Here I keep running into Stanley Park and to Second Beach Pool.
I was the first person to run many of these trails. A few inches of pristine snow covered everything. The city was still sleeping, and the Park had that beautiful muffled sound you get when it snows. It was so beautiful and peaceful. From Second Beach I headed North to Lost Lagoon then around the Lagoon trail. The snow here was deep, a few inches at least. No one else was around, it was so peaceful.
After my loop of the Lagoon I was heading South again, back to Second Beach Pool and onto the seawall, to head East back to the West End. The sea wall had a good inch or two of snow covering it, and all the rocks in the water were covered in snow, making for beautiful abstract art with with white mushrooms dotting the inky black water; it was still dark at about 7:20am. I continue my run along the sea wall, hook a left up to Bidwell St, Right onto Harwood, left onto Cardero, across Davie and back down Pendrell. Home.
The run was one of the nicest runs I have ever done. It was a moment to be calm and to think. To immerse myself within such a beautiful environment. It was a similar experience to my early morning run at Cape Disappointment, Washington. These are the experiences that I will carry with me forever and I am really trying to make the most of while I am in Vancouver.

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