Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Morning Run

Wow. What a morning for a run! I got out for another easy run - walk session. Still being very cautious and easing back into running to make sure I don't flare this injury up again. 3min run, 1min walk repeated for almost a hour. It's good incorporating the walk as it forces you to take it easy and to pause and get your body in check to make sure you don't do anything dumb like run through the pain that you are trying to fix, and just make it worse again.
Just as I headed out this morning the sun popped through the clouds to make for the most picturesque morning on the sea wall. It was ridiculously cold, but finally I have my winter attire dialled in so I was toasty. The most amazing thing was a beautiful display of icicles hanging off the cliffs around Stanley Park. They were just beautiful and very Christmassy. I hope to get out later to take some photos if they haven't melted, but otherwise it is just a really nice memory.
The sun is out....gonna get outside.

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