Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow Day

Friday was one of the nicest snow days that I have seen in Vancouver, as you have read about in my post on my morning snow run, we had a few inches in downtown overnight. First thing in the morning was so beautiful before the pristine snow had been unsettled by morning commuters. I really wanted to ride to work for my last day, but with my skinny road tires on, I decided it was prudent to take public transport. As always on a snow day, Vancouver goes into shambles. It doesn't snow this much often in Vancouver, so well over half the cars are not equipped for the conditions and as you can expect, total shambles ensues.
Based on past experience I rushed breakfast and got out the door early. This was a good move as the busses were already behind schedule, and the line ups at the bus stops were growing. That being said, we got to work quickly because we left early. I don't think I can say the same for people who left at their normal time.
I decided to get off the skytrain one stop later today, so that I could walk back to work through the suburbs and take some photos of the Mt Pleasant area covered in snow. 3 years ago when I had my interview with Image Engine, I walked almost the exact same route, on a snow day too. SO it almost seemed fitting being my last day, and retracing the steps I took to my interview that landed me on this life changing path. I made sure I photographed all my favourite areas. It is so nice to have all these images captured in all the different seasons.

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