Tuesday, December 10, 2013

365 Project #2 Ideas

I am currently brainstorming for my second 365 project. I have come up with my first set of rules. I decided to go for a different rule each day of the week, then this is repeated 52 times. I thought it would give an interesting challenge to have rules to abide by, but it wasn't as limiting as one rule for the whole project. Also over the whole duration I hope that I can see obvious differences in the sequence of the photos from day to day.
foresight, an image exploring the coming week. What do I want to get out of the coming week? What changes do I want to make? What will the week hold?
patterns, an image exploring patterns, natural and man made.
colors, an image exploring the amazing world of colour.
still life and details, an image exploring the stationary world and all of it's details.
motion, an image exploring the moving world.
vibrance, an image exploring the vibrance of the world we live in. This is a very broad topic but great for a Saturday as it is an easy day to get out and about.
reflection, an image exploring the week just passed. How did the week go? What would I have done differently?

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