Thursday, June 4, 2015

The train station

Commuting on public transport the first time in a year and a half! It does bring back memories of the Skytrain in Canada, although far less convenient :-)

It's interesting though that taking the train does offer a bit more chill time, and although I miss the bike commute, the time spent wandering to and from the train is relaxing!

The commute offers interesting opportunities for people watching! For example, four rows ahead of me, facing me is a dude with an epic mustache! I don't know him, but well done sir! I just noted i am one of the plebs that can't put their iPhone down! As I look around everyone is tweaking with their phone. Its such a different image to what would have been even only 10years ago.

I gaze aimlessly down the aisle, contemplating. I see all the other commuters. I wonder whats going on in their lives, what they do, what hardship or joys they are experiencing. Ahh, Waterpolo SA, i can tell that's what that dude by the ticket machine does. How? Its written up his trouser leg! I guess though to an alien, thy may see 'Nike' written up a trouser leg and make the assumption that they do 'Nike' :-)!

It's June 5th, I'm commuting to work and this is my random train of thought! Have a good day, the train has almost arrived!

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