Monday, June 15, 2015

Train Time - Blog Time

Yay, my moment to write something creative. The train home is pretty auick so it's gotta be short and sharp.

Whats been going on this week.

Last night I took the coaching duties of Adelaide Running Crew. It was a great session of hills and everyone smashed it for a solid 25min effort. Coaching is a great way to stay intouch with running while recovering from this annoying injury. It is also noce to be getting involved with a not-for-profit organisation. I feel like I 'm giving something back to a sport that I've taken so much from.

To teach is also to learn. Teaching forces me to re evaluate why you run the way you do, what training works and why so I can give the correct info to everyone.

I've been good this week. Avoiding anything which is pissing off my injury! That means no swimming either :-( but I've been enjoying abs and core workouts to fill in a minor part of the void that remains after removing running, riding and swimming.

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