Sunday, May 31, 2015


Writing is enjoyable, I find it helps pass time and allows me to vent thoughts, let a stream of random thought pass out of my mind into the written word. I'm not sure why I like it, it seems therapeutic for some reason.

Its funny how in our already nuts busy lives, finding a past time that helps kill time is enjoyable. But I guess it helps kill time because it is enjoyable! You are not required to do it; you don't have deadlines to meet. You just write to write.

Writing seems to especially interest me at times that require reflection, introspection, self analysis. If you hadn't guessed I'm at one of those stages now. Injury bites and is always a moment for me to get all moody like this. I think about why injury makes me feel so bleak. I'm sure all athletes go through this many times in a career, and at least mine is very minor and I also don't rely on my sport for my income. All things I tell myself to make myself feel better, but they never do!

I heard an interesting interview on a podcast the other day, ultra runner podcast I think, in which the interviewee recalled a time that one of his athletes won a 100 miler, and her reaction was totally negative, a view point of the glass being half empty. You just won a 100 miler with a course record, you should be over the moon! But I think it definitely is a trait of people that like endurance events, is that element of being super critical and wanting to push the hardest out of yourself, and therefore you're always looking to get more out of yourself.

This trait must be one of the reasons we deal so poorly with injury. We feel like we've failed, or that the setback will cause us to fail or not achieve what we aimed to achieve. Needless to say it probably happened because we needed to rest the body, as a result of being to stubborn to take proper rest days during training, thinking that the more we train the better we'll be! Wrong! This time I'll try to be good!

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