Friday, June 12, 2015

Week Off...

So last week was my first full week with no running, cycling or swimming since well before I left Vancouver. Now I think about it, that is ridiculous. I honestly cannot think when I last had a full week off those three disciplines.

My last 'big' injury was in Vancouver after the Victoria marathon, but that injury did not stop swimming or cycling. Then before that my achilles put a holt to riding and running, but that didn't stop swimming. So all that being said, I think the last time I had a week totally off was when Kate and I went to New York for Christmas 2011 or when we went to Montreal in 2013. Either one, that makes 2 weeks of total rest in 4

But to the point at hand, I'm starting to feel good now with some rest. The leg still hurts, but I can finally feel some improvement and I am starting some leg stability work now. Fingers crossed this week reaps some good rewards for the rest and I can test out some skipping and run-walk training maybe next week.

Until then I'm being well restrained and keeping up the core stability work and getting back into yoga which has been really nice.

The free Lulu Lemon classes have been great as they are just below my work so are super convenient for a nice Tuesday evening yoga session.

Namaste :-)

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