Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Team Bloke

The June long weekend ended up with a last minute commitment that turned the weekend into one of the most wholesome camping trips I've had for a long time.

A mate of mine was nice enough to invite me to partake in Team Bloke! Hosted at harrys block of land on the Yorke Peninsula. It was one of the most beautiful pieces of land i've ever seen. 

Team Bloke is a yearly event in which a bunch of top blokes get their leave card stamped by the missus so they can have 3 nights of wholesome bloke time.

I was a bit unsure en route to the trip. I knew no one, and being a vegetarian that doesn't drink too much i wondered how i'd fit in with a group of Aussie blokes :-) what i found was a group of rad guys. It was such a great time and no one had any expectations or attitude. It was just chill bloke time.

My tent was set up so the door would look over the most amazing sand dunes ever. Each morning i'd open the tent and lie in bed looking at the view. The stars at night were un believable. Such clear skies; the milky way was absolutely stunning.

It was a much needed chill weekend and i am thankful to all the blokes for making me feel so welcome at team bloke. It's been running for 11 or so years and hopefully I'll make it each year from now on.


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