Monday, June 15, 2015

Subaru GL Wagon 1992

In the attempt to fill some time in I decided to start tuning up my Subaru Sports Wagon! It's a bit of a classic and I have had a lot of nice comments regarding the state that she is in lately.

I figured I'd start with a solid clean pass and paint touch up on any rust. I'm in he process of this and it's a big job. However once thats done I'll be able to assess bigger tasks and work out what I want to fix/add/upgrade. Overall I'm really happy with the condition of the car and I really dont think i'll need to do too much unless I want to.

Firstly I think some better speakers that don't look so crap and are actually mounted in the door correctly! I'm thinking just some nice little round ones that match the current trimming and sit nice and flush. The current 6x9's are crap and not mounted well/hanging out of the door. That should be an easy fix. Following that I think I'll get some paint and touch up all the shitty bits of paint and then work from then. 
I think I'll just take this project slowly and do a timy bit whenever I feel like it and just make sure that it is done really well! 

Pics to come soon!

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