Monday, June 3, 2013

Swimming at Second Beach

So on Sunday I hit up Second Beach pool for the first time! It was amazing, blue skies, warm sun, crystal clear water. The pool is amazing, it juts out into the water of False Creek at Second Beach, so on one side you have an amazing vista over the water, and on the other the beautiful rainforest of Stanley Park. I swam 3km just feeling in the zone with the beautiful conditions. Such a great way to start off Sunday. My swimming is starting to feel much more solid, thanks in part I'm sure to swim smooth which has some amazing advice for novice and experienced swimmers alike, and I am now able to get in a zone where I can just swim for ages. A big part was getting my breathing correct so I didn't feel like I was hyperventilating the whole time I was swimming. Introducing some body roll helped reduce shoulder fatigue and enabled me to utilise way more of my lats and pectoral muscles rather than just my shoulder. Since doing this I have noticed next to no shoulder pain while swimming, and rather only muscular fatigue, as would be expected.

Second Beach Pool

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