Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bike Riding and Running

So my second day running and the achilles is still feeling good. I also took a slow ride around Stanley Park to spin the leg in and see how it goes. The run walk training went well, so if it pulls up well tomorrow I will be starting to increment my sessions each day by one extra set until I hit ten or so, then I'll start doubling up runs until I start hitting 5km, at which point hopefully I'll be able to move seamlessly into my next marathon training.

Unfortunately it looks like my riding is going to suffer this year with just not enough time spent on the bike due to this injury to get to where I hope to, as well as to maintain the level of running training that I need to hit a sub 3hr marathon. But I do hope to be able to complete the triple crown ride again this year, I just need to make sure that the Achilles will hold up for it. I'll be aiming to race the Vancouver Triathalon, so hopefully if all goes well that will be my first triathlon.

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