Thursday, October 17, 2013

To And From Victoria

This thanksgiving we went to Victoria. Traveling there and back was quite a visual experience. On the way over we caught the ferry, which is a beautiful trip through the San Juan Islands. There were beautiful autumn colours, crisp clean air and we even saw some humpbacks in the distance.
On the return trip we decided to get a float plane home, which took us from Victoria, straight to Coal Harbour. It was amazing to see the San Juan Islands from the air. We were lucky enough to see a pod of humpback whales, and all the beautiful autumn colours of Vancouver Downtown. The patterns created by the farmland were amazing, as were those created by suburbia.
Being in the small open propeller plane gave a much better connection to the landscape than that in a large passenger jet, and the windows were way bigger giving a much better view. We were also flying a lot lower than I am normally used to. Landing on and taking off from the water was surreal, but didn't feel all that strange. Definitely a unique Canadian experience though!
Twassen to Victoria Ferry Crossing
Twassen to Victoria Ferry Crossing
Vancouver East SIde
Friday Island From Air

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