Friday, May 23, 2014

Trail Running

What a f%&king amazing morning! Get up at 5, smash an epic stove top espresso, drive to Chambers Gully, start running by 6:30 just as the suns rising. What a way to start the day!
This mornings run was one of those runs that just makes you stoked to be alive. I smashed out 21kms up Chambers Gully to the top of Mt Lofty, and then all through Clealand Conservation Park back to Waterfall Gully Road. The temperature was perfect, and I was out early enough to be the first trail user so I saw lots of Kangaroos. At one point I had two hopping about 5 meters to my left at the same speed as me for a few hundred meters. It was pretty amazing.
The best bit about this run was the changing environment as the golden sun rose and glimpsed through the trees. It was just so silent and serene, a perfect way to clear the mind and just focus on myself.
By the end of the run, the trail was taking it's toll and I had to pay a lot of attention to not tripping and axing myself like last time.
After a rest week from running, and even longer from trail running it was really nice to get out again. It is amazing how quickly 2 hours passes when trail running!

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