Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Recently I have discovered that one of my best mates has found a passion for running, and he is so stoked on it and totally killing it! We often chat about it via messenger, and although not in person, these conversations leave me so inspired to get outside and to go running, or just to enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Isn't that awesome, it shows that great mates are great mates wherever they are. That inspiration crosses the pacific via a few pixels on a screen is just amazing!
His passion for running keeps me super motivated cos I know that when we next catch up, we're gonna smash out some epic trail runs together and I've gotta be fit enough to step up to that.
It was funny when we would ski together we'd really push it and talk shit about our next ski holiday, and now a few years later, we still push each other, but now we talk shit about catching up in summer and camping at some beautiful location where we can just hit epic trail runs. Life and it's variety is truly amazing. I feel sorry for those that don't get outside and enjoy it, but saying that, it just means that the ones of us that get out there can be greedy and enjoy more remote trails to ourselves :-)
Happy running!

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