Saturday, September 28, 2013

Turning 30

So I recently hit the big 30. I did all of the common whinging and complaining to make sure the masses heard what they wanted to hear. But really it isn't that bad, more an inspiration to keep pushing life harder while I can. Anyway my wife spoiled me with an amazing day! We woke early for a coffee on our balcony, followed by a swim at the West End Aquatic Center. From here we sea bussed it up False Creek then walked to WHole Foods for an awesome smoothie and buffet breakfast of fruit, yoghurt and museil. After this it was off to work, then Kate came by at lunch with Nuba take out, so we could eat in the sun up at a little peaceful community garden.
After work Kate whisked me off again to a Yoga class at chopra yoga, and then it was back home for an amazing Vegetarian dinner cooked by Kate, and eaten on our balcony! Wow. What a day. I'll remember that day for ever.
Nuba Lunch
Whole Foods Brekky
Fals Creek after swimming

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