Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marathon Training

Well it's that time again. The last few weeks of a five month marathon training schedule, and as seems to be the trend these days, the wheels are falling off at the last minute. An instability in my left leg has led me and the physio on a wild goose chase around my leg of fixing one problem, and then causing another one. I found that I had a very weak left glute, so I worked on this for a few weeks and have totally strengthened it up. It's amazing really how fast it gained strength. However in activating the glute more, my whole stride has been adjusted ever so slightly, and I am now getting a much better foot strike as in I am using more of my forefoot when I land, other than just landing on the outside of my foot. This however has caused the outside of my foot to activate different muscles, and bang, really sore upper foot / outer ankle. So from one injury that was preventing me training at capacity to another. At the moment it looks like I may just avoid running for the next few weeks until the marathon and hope all goes well on race day. Needless to say my goal of a sub 3hr marathon is starting to look much less likely. I just have to put faith in a year of good training and overall fitness pulling me across the line. Fingers Crossed.

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