Sunday, May 19, 2013


So today I went for my first open water swim and tried out my new wetsuit. We hit Sasamat Lake and it was awesome. It was so nice swimming in the middle of this big fresh water lake surrounded by beautiful mountains and rainforest. My new 2XU wetsuit fit perfectly - pretty good for a suit bought online without trying it on :-/ - and it didn't restrict my swimming at all. At first I was a bit freaked by the depth of the lake and it took a while to settle into swimming in open water, but once I got into gear it was fine, and the extra buoyancy of the wetsuit made life pretty easy. I'm loving swimming at the moment with the Achilles injury as I am able to keep fit - however I really can't wait to get back to running and riding properly. New Wettie Finished! Me and Fred, middle of the lake.

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