Monday, July 6, 2015

Still Injured

Yep, I well and truly ruined myself this time! Still unable to run, and only able to put in a half arsed kick in the pool. However I have discovered that bike riding is OK so that has been a saviour to be able to get outside and enjoy some activity again.

So I tried running on Sat morning. The aim was a run walk session. 1min on, a fee mins off repeated for say 20 mins. I lasted 1 block! Boooo. I'm gonna guess a good month of rest yet.

After this failed run however I decided to do some different exercises. As i was in my gear i was in the mood to work out. So some core was followed by jump rope and burpies. I have to say running training never made me almost puke. Two days later and my legs are nailed! I know it seems strange I can do jump rope but csnt run. On the spot is fine, it's the push/pull part of the foot strike that is causing the issues as the hammys engage.

Anyways, when I can finally start running it's gonna be pretty sweet!

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