Monday, July 6, 2015

Beginning of a new era.

When one door closes, another one opens. Kate and I have opened a new door, started a new chapter, turned over a new leaf. Sorry for all the cliched phrases.

Exciting times lie ahead for us. I think we have truly cemented our nomad lifestyle now. We have well and truly rejected the status quo, which i had thought we has fallen into in a big way. Big opportunities don't present themselves all the time. You only live once and it's the opportunities that you don't act upon that you'll always remember.

What do I remember about whistler....a lot of good things but i'll always remember that I didn't hit Air Jordan! I missed that boat now. 

My good buddy Heisler has just stepped well and truly out of the corporate rat race and is now pursuing a fewardi g wholesome lifestyle. I have such admiration for this move and it was a huge inspiration for me. No Regrets.

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