Friday, July 24, 2015

Moving To Wellington

WOW. About a month ago Kate and I landed jobs in Wellington, NZ. It was such a bizarre scenario, that both parties of a relationship landed amazing opportunities in the same overseas city. We would have been stupid to not jump at the opportunity. And jump we did. From discovering we had jobs to leaving Adelaide it was literally 4.5 weeks. In that 4.5 weeks we had to get our house ready to rent, get our house rented, pack up everything in our house and store it somehow, deal with 2 cars, deal with a dog that had to somehow get to Wellington, resign from two jobs, tell our parents we'd be leaving...again, and leave the house we just bought and absolutely love.
Needless to say, that 4.5 weeks was brutally busy, but as Kate and I always do, we smashed it out and got everything done. I worked up to the friday (3 days before we left), which made it difficult to do a lot, so my weekends and after work hours got really busy, but it was fun and finally gave me something to do!
What helped....well, Go Box helped for storing our stuff. Pretty much Go Box delivers a shipping container to your door. You fill it with your stuff (see 3D Tetris Post), then they take it away. Filling that box sucked. I think I am looking forward to unpacking it even more. Gum Tree helped a lot. The amount of shit we sold / gave away is amazing. The saying "One mans trash is another mans treasure" is truly accurate. I feel sorry for the dude that took our lawn mower. That bad boy weighed about a tonne and would have cost a boat load to ditch. We stashed a shitty old clam babies bath on the was gone in like 10 mins???
We smashed the cleaning, got the house looking gleaming and employed Toop and Toop to rent our beautiful house. They were onto it and found a tenant within a week of advertising it!
The last few nights in our house were spent on a blow up matress. We had to stay with the house as Clooney needed somewhere to stay up until his departure (about 5 hours after us) on Monday the 20th. So we vacated on the 20th at 3am to the airport and left Clooney in the backyard. Kates parents then came down to make sure that Dogtainers Adelaide picked him up at 9am and took him on his merry way. We arrived in Wellington later on the 20th, after some delays and running to the plane in Melbourne due to a huge delay due to iced up planes...yes, iced up planes in Melbs!
Koa from Weta was there to pick us up, hook us up with a car, take us to the phone dealership to get sim cards and then drop us to our accom. Clooney flew on Tues the 21st, spent the night in Auckland and then arrived in Wellington on Wed the 22nd in the afternoon to a relieved Kate. He's loving it and I don't think he misses Adelaide.
Now we have found a place and are searching for a car. I have another week off and Kate starts on Monday. It has been a hectic week and we have seen a lot of Wellington while looking for housing. This city rocks! It is so beautiful and vibrant. It feels way bigger than the population leads you to believe. I'm now eagerly awaiting starting at Weta. I am so pumped to do some amazing work and to work with an amazing team.
There have been some stressful times, but we are so stoked to be here. So far the move has been so worthwhile and has broken us out of a rut that we had got into in Adelaide. Good times!
Packing Up
First Days In Wellington

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